Real Estate

We impact our clients by applying our experience with our global expertise and international footprint.


As a property investor, your insurance needs may not be limited to the standing asset and revenue stream. We offer expert advice on the insurances directly affecting your project including legal indemnities, unexpected archaeological discovery, latent defects insurance, risk management and health & safety expertise, CDM, site management and design issues affecting post completion fire strategy/issues.

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Owners & Investors

As a property investor, your insurance needs are specialized and unique in the insurance market. They not only have to provide asset and revenue protection for you, but also satisfy the lease covenants made between you and your tenant, adhere to the terms of finance agreements and meet other contractual obligations, such as those found under building contracts. Therefore, WE understand your business, we understand how to converse effectively with your other advisors and how to arrange an insurance programme that meets your needs.

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Property Managers & Agents

Thanks to our global capabilities, we have the influence to negotiate the most suitable arrangement for our managing agent clients, whether they operate in commercial or residential sectors worldwide. Issues to take into account when considering your most appropriate adviser includes RICS and BPF for transparency and provision of professional advice, supported by ‘The Lease Code’, the need to demonstrate competitiveness to your clients and tenants, lease compliant cover arrangements and an efficient administration.

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We have offices strategically placed across Europe, North America and Australia to give you the local representation and expertise that you need. We can build insurance programmes from the London market, utilizing the local markets through our network of offices and affiliates. We can identify trends in local policy coverage, and competitiveness of the local market. With the support of this worldwide broking network, and reporting into a single insurance management team in London, we can ensure you will receive the service required for your international portfolio.

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