Fine arts

This service has been one of our specialties for more than 35 years, providing all the solutions that fit the needs of collectors and for those that have built a business around their passion.

Commercial clients

Specialist products for specialist dealers, retailers, auction houses and museums. Managed by professionals with a wealth of experience, we provide insurance policies tailor-made, including all risks coverage. All risks coverage provides cover for your merchandise both at your premises and outside of it (exhibitions, auctions, etc.), when personally conveyed, or for sendings by courier company, entrustments to third parties. A dedicated account handler is assigned to manage each client portfolio, creating a solid working relationship and removing day-to-day contact hurdles.

We have flexible policies to cater any last minute increases or special requirements.

Fine arts

Jewellers Block

We provide coverage for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Our varied portfolio includes some of the best known jewelry operations worldwide.

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Stamps and philatelic related ítems

We began more than 35 years ago offering expertise insuring philatelic related risks, building a deserved reputation as the premier philately insurer in the world.

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Coins, paper money and numismatic related ítems

Numismatic insurance is one of the most complex service. We provide insurance to the core of the numismatic trade worldwide.

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Fine Art, antiques

Special for art dealers and auctioneer, we offer risk management advice and design insurance policies to suit your individual needs. Exhibits, auctions, travelling exhibitions, art installations, sculpture gardens, etc. A policy can be crafted to your needs.

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Wine and wine storage

There are a number of risks and perils that need to be considered, that are usually excluded in standard household insurance products.

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Gold, bullion, other precious metals

Collecting precious or semi-precious metals is increasing as a solid form of investment for the future. Many insurance policies are not designed for this specialty needs.

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Grading houses, appraisers, expertisers

We are the specialist broking house for graders, expertisers and appraisal services. We understand the procedures involved and provide comprehensive coverage whilst you hold the goods of others.

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General dealers

A wide variety of collectibles do not fit within the specialized categories listed, but as the world’s largest insurance provider in this field, we can create tailor-made policies for almost any collectible genre.

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Exhibition organisers (event cancellation insurance)

In an exhibition, you may want to consider Event Cancellation and Disruption Insurance, to protect you against lost expenditure, loss of projected profits, penalties incurred for failing to vacate the premises on time, protecting your legal liabilities and other contingencies.

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Private clients

As one of the world’s leading collectibles insurance brokers, we provide tailor-made insurance policies offering superior coverage. Whatever your passion is, whatever you collect, we are passionate about managing your insurance requirements.

We understand our client’s needs and enjoy the support from a wide range of International Insurers from AXA, Chubb, Lloyd’s of London, Munich Re, XL Catlin, Zurich, and other specialists.

Fine arts

Exhibition insurance – stamps, coins, Art

Not only can we provide you with coverage for the duration of the exhibition, but we can also provide protection for up to 30 days either before or after the exhibition as well. Cover can easily be arranged for transits anywhere in the world to exhibitions in any location.

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Fine Arts & antiques

Our status as Lloyd’s brokers allows us direct and immediate access to the key decision makers.

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Precious Metals

Many insurance policies are not designed for the specialist needs. We work with the world’s leading depositories and storage facilities and can provide solutions for short or long term storage.

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General Memorabilia

We are able to provide an insurance policy that meets your needs, and include protection at unnamed secure premises, such as those of Expertisers, Valuers, Dealers or Auction Houses.

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