At Hugh Wood, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide superior risk management solutions tailored to the specificities of the individual risk profile.


Hugh Wood Canada is a national leader in Surety & Bonding. A surety bond is a three-party agreement that guarantees that debts are paid in the event that the principal fails to fulfill such obligations. Our experienced bonding professionals analyze your project and make recommendations as to the necessary bonds and then develop the best program for you.

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Builders Risk Insurance

Also known as “course of construction”, is insurance designed to insure buildings or projects against repair or replacement costs while they are under construction and in some cases, for a period afterwards.

Hugh Wood Canada’s decades of experience allows us to offer policies, for either the owner of the project or to the general contractor, with coverage options to meet the specific requirements, whether construction is for a large or small commercial or residential project.

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Pollution Liability

Hugh Wood Canada writes pollution liability policies to protect against claims for third party bodily injury, property damage or environmental damage resulting from their work. We are associated with specialized insurers, and are proud to represent ENCON as an Esteem Broker.

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Services For Construction

We can provide support and professional advice for any kind of construction project – big or small, private or public – on any or all of the related issues of the market regarding workers, facilities, equipment, structures, services, finance, and claims.

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Wrap Up Liability

Wrap-Up Liability was developed to provide uniform coverage for all parties involved in a project. It allows coverage to apply to each insured separately, and is widely used in construction contracts. The uniformity of coverage establishes consistency for the many parties and contractors.

In addition it also provides a uniform deductible which allows for greater ease when settling claims involving more than one party.

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