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Licensed Producers (LPs)

As this new and exciting market rapidly grows, so does Hugh Wood Canada’s knowledge and expertise as we continue to partner with emerging LPs, small and large. From breaking ground to construction of a new facility or retrofitting of an existing one, to production, equipment, stock and transportation, we can offer creative solutions to protect you from the evolving risk landscape.

Invest in your protection from seed to sale.

Private Retailers & Dispensaries

Hugh Wood Canada’s many years of experience, and volume of clients, in manufacturing, retail and the service industry positions us as leading specialist in this rapidly growing industry. Allow us to help navigate through this industry’s unique sources of risks, including licensing regulations, good production practices and safety requirements, advertising rules, compliance and enforcement.

Let’s navigate this emerging industry together.

Testing Facilities

HWI has been providing specialized risk management and insurance solutions to the Life Science and Healthcare sector for many years. Our experience and volume of clients in this sector lets us enjoy excellent relationships with the relevant insurers.

Our experience in understanding these risks is vital in structuring an appropriate insurance program for your facility, particularly in the areas of Errors & Omissions, Directors  & Officers and Property.

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Owners & Investors

As investors in a constantly evolving marketplace, your insurance needs are specialized and unique in the insurance market. They not only have to provide asset and revenue protection for you and your board of directors, but also protect your investment from the initial groundbreaking through to full production.

Hugh Wood Canada understands your business, we understand how to converse effectively with your other advisors and how to arrange an insurance program that meets your needs.

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