Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

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Blockchain technology has truly reached global recognition in 2018, and as such, it’s continually being met with its fair share of apprehension. At Hugh Wood Canada, we are dedicated to advocating for our partners, especially in this highly specialized industry.

Our team understands the complexities of this industry, we understand how to converse effectively with both domestic and foreign markets, and we know how to tailor the insurance program that meets your needs.

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August 2018 marked a monumental moment for the insurance industry when a syndicate of Lloyd’s of London provided coverage to cover theft and loss due to natural disasters for a custodial cryptocurrency firm. As this sector continues to grow and gain more stability, many businesses are growing an increased interest in storing their financial assets in cryptocurrency form.

Although cryptocurrency presents a number of interesting challenges for insurers, Hugh Wood Canada has the market access you need. We are proud to be a part of the HWI network and enjoy its direct access to the markets at Lloyd’s of London.

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Our offices are strategically placed across Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia to give you the local representation and expertise that you need, but the global perspective and experience you require. Moreover, with direct access to Lloyd’s markets in London, we can provide coverage unavailable in other locations and the capacity to address some of the tougher challenges faced globally.

Owners & Investors

As investors in a brand new and revolutionary market, your insurance needs not only have to provide asset and revenue protection for you and your board of directors, but also protect your investments from the initial start-up, to established and throughout the growth of your business.

At Hugh Wood Canada we understand how to converse effectively with your other advisors and how to arrange an insurance program that meets your needs.

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